New Interns and New Energy for NtP

Elena Davert will be working this semester as a research intern with the Nourishing the Planet Project. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in the Environment, Economics, and Politics through Claremont McKenna College’s Joint Science Department and is particularly interested in global agriculture policy.  While working for Worldwatch, Elena hopes to learn more about grassroots efforts, such as farmer training and microloan programs, that have been successful in helping communities to eradicate themselves from poverty and become more resilient to price fluctuations in the global food market.

Elena Davert

As a lover of all things food, Elena has cooked for the last year at The Shakedown, a student-run, locally sourced organic restaurant, and worked full-time for the Portland Farmers Market this past summer. Hailing from Northern California, recycling and loving the environment come easily to her, even when living through East Coast weather does not. When she’s not working for Worldwatch or cooking with her roommates, Elena can be found running, hiking, and exploring the rest of DC.

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