More Agricultural Funding Needed to Eradicate Global Hunger and Poverty

(Photo: Bernard Pollack)

(Photo: Bernard Pollack)

By Abby Massey

Noting that “1 billion people now suffer from hunger, the highest number in human history,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon emphasized the urgent need to focus on the eradication of global hunger and poverty in a speech to the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) Governing Council in Rome on February 17, 2010. Although global agricultural funding increased last year, Mr. Ban called on even more resources to be directed toward innovations and technologies that will help improve food security (for examples of such innovations and technologies, see Farmers Learning From Farmers, Breeding Vegetables with Farmers in Mind, and Malawi’s Real Miracle). Ban also highlighted the importance of building partnerships with small-scale farmers and rural producers who will play an important role in the fight to alleviate poverty and hunger worldwide. For examples of ways that agriculture innovations can help mitigate hunger and poverty, see Investing in Urban Agriculture, How to Keep Kids ‘Down on the Farm,’ and Teacher Turned Farmer. . . Turned Teacher.

Abby Massey is a Food & Agriculture Intern with the Nourishing the Planet project.

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