Meet the Nourishing the Planet Team: Victoria Russo

We have a whole new crop of interns joining the Nourishing the Planet team this fall. Today, meet Victoria Russo.

Victoria Russo

Victoria is a recent graduate of Vassar College, where she received a degree in International Studies with focuses in Political Science and Geography. In her senior year she completed an analytical research thesis on the Peruvian agricultural system and the potential effects of genetically modified organisms there. An important part of Victoria’s undergraduate experience was writing for La Voz magazine, a Spanish-language publication that focused on social justice issues including immigrant rights, urban food access, and education.

In her junior year, Victoria spent 3 months in mountain villages in Peru, where she partnered with the international non-profits ProWorld and Peru’s Challenge as a volunteer. During her time there, she was able to assist in health and education projects including building cleaner-burning cook stoves, creating water filters, and teaching English to school children. Victoria’s experience in Peru was pivotal to her interest in food security, and more importantly allowed her to build relationships with locals and achieve and more hands-on understanding of international development.

Victoria’s interest in food and agriculture began at a young age, and she has pursued this interest through working as a farmhand and environmental educator at Sprout Creek Farm. She was also deeply affected by her experience working as an AmeriCorps volunteer in their Energy Express program, in which she mentored a classroom of 4th grade students and provided nutritional meals to them during the summer months.

In her spare time Victoria loves to hike, garden, read, and play ultimate frisbee and soccer. In the future, Victoria hopes to travel and gain more hands-on experience in international development and public health. Victoria hopes that in her time with Nourishing the Planet she will learn to use her academic understanding of global challenges to help create sustainable solutions.

For more information on how to apply for an internship with Nourishing the Planet, click here.

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