Meet the Nourishing the Planet Team: Sophie Wenzlau

We have a whole new crop of interns joining the Nourishing the Planet team this summer. Today, meet Sophie Wenzlau.

Sophie Wenzlau

Sophie Wenzlau recently graduated from the Western Washington University Honors Program with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, as well as a minor in French. At Western, she coordinated a microfinance simulcast and was vice president of the student economics association.

As a high school senior, Sophie followed her passion for sustainable development to Madagascar, where she helped a local nonprofit educate villagers about alternatives to slash-and-burn agriculture. This experience led her to pursue, a few years later, a teaching certificate in Permaculture, a form of sustainable agriculture.

As an exchange student in Switzerland, Sophie studied international relations and Swiss agricultural security, and participated in the Global Youth Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development. The following year, she interned for a sustainable water development nonprofit in India, which furthered her interest in the intersection between international development, water scarcity, food security and sustainability. Sophie recently interned for the Food and Farming program at Sustainable Connections, an environmental nonprofit in Bellingham, Washington.

Sophie is, perhaps most importantly, an avid foodie. If she disappears, she is most likely in the pantry. In addition to eating, she enjoys dancing, cycling, cooking, and crafting. She is thrilled to be a member of the Nourishing the Planet team and hopes to contribute something of value to the movement for a sustainable future.

For more information on how to apply for an internship with Nourishing the Planet, click here.

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