Meet the Nourishing the Planet Team: Keshia Pendigrast

Keshia is a rising senior at Mount Holyoke, where she intends to complete a major in Economics with a minor in Environmental Studies. Her interest in food systems has stemmed from many projects in Economics and Sustainable Agriculture studies.

Keshia Pendigrast

She has a specific interest in the role corporations can play in fuelling a green economy, by altering business practices and consumer trends.

Originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka, Keshia has a unique interest in the role that U.S. business practices and trade policies play in the developing world. Having spent much time in California, Massachusetts, and New York, she has had experience interacting with local organizations across America.

At Mount Holyoke, Keshia is an active member of the swim team, rugby team, and many community service organizations; she serves as a peer mentor for the Speaking, Arguing and Writing Center and serves as the Senior Class President.

She is currently conducting independent research into Climate Refugees with specific reference to the island state of the Maldives.

In her free time Keshia enjoys running, swimming, scuba diving, and exploring new surroundings.

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