Meet the Nourishing the Planet Team: Jadda Miller

We have a whole new crop of staff and interns joining the Nourishing the Planet team this summer. Today, meet Jadda Miller.

Jadda Miller

Jadda Miller was born and raised in Red Bluff, California. Her culinary passions lead her to Napa Valley California where she trained at the Napa Valley Culinary School located in the heart of wine country in St. Helena. During her studies, she had the opportunity to work at the Napa Valley Cooking School as sous chef to famous executive chefs throughout the valley, as well as study at the renowned Sorbonne, in Paris France.

After completing her degree, she fulfilled an apprenticeship in Sydney, Australia at the highly acclaimed three hat restaurant, the Universal, followed by a stage at the Michelin star restaurant, Chez Panisses, in Berkeley, California. For the past two years she has worked at the World of Flavors Conference at the Culinary Institute of America (Grey Stone Academy) in Napa Valley, collaborating with chefs from all over the globe to create world class cuisine.

Jadda currently teaches cooking classes, is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Business, and writes newspaper articles about local and sustainable farmers. She has a deep passion for working with fresh seasonal ingredients straight from the garden, and is an avid supporter of volunteerism, and the Slow Food Movement.

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