Meet the Nourishing the Planet Team: David Batcheck

David is a recent graduate from The Ohio State University with a BA in International Development. While in school, global food security was the aspect of development that caught David’s strongest attention. He looks forward to exploring sustainable solutions to how our world will be able to meet the rising food demand over the next 50 years.

David Batcheck

Specifically, David is interested in how the role of improved business practices and access to financial services can enable more productive farm enterprises. He’s also passionate about graphic design, creativity, and multimedia after also spending two years as an art school student.

Living in Indonesia as a child provided the foundation for his interest in international affairs and poverty alleviation. He has worked on disaster relief missions in Haiti and Indonesia, including food distributions with the UN World Food Programme. These experiences showed him the role of emergency aid and the need for long-term development.

In his free time, David enjoys discovering new independent music, bumming around coffee shops, watching soccer, exploring cities on his bike, and hiking up mountains.

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