Meet the Nourishing the Planet Team: Carolyn Smalkowski

We have a whole new crop of  interns joining the Nourishing the Planet team this summer. Today, meet Carolyn Smalkowski.

Carolyn Smalkowski

Carolyn Smalkowski is a second-year graduate student in the International Development Studies Program at George Washington University, concentrating in Rural Development and Human Rights Advocacy.  From 2008-2010, she served as an Environmental Education Promoter with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, where she taught elementary-aged students and members of the community about organic gardening, composting, planting trees, and environmental protection.

While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont, Carolyn studied abroad in Costa Rica and took classes in community development, where she became inspired to learn more about the intersection of sustainable agriculture, human rights, and the environment.  She wrote her undergraduate thesis on coffee certifications and other alternative markets that contribute to sustainable production and trade.

Carolyn is eager to travel to different areas of the world and aspires to continue her involvement in grassroots community development initiatives.  In her free time, Carolyn enjoys Latin dancing, staying active, and discovering new music.

For more information on how to apply for an internship with Nourishing the Planet, click here.

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