Meet the Nourishing the Planet Team: Bryan Dorval

We have a whole new crop of staff and interns joining the Nourishing the Planet team this fall. Today, meet Bryan Dorval.

Bryan Dorval

Bryan Dorval graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Boston last August with a B.S. in History and Education. While at school he also obtained his middle and secondary educators license from the state of Massachusetts. Bryan was a student teacher at the prestigious Boston Latin School where he taught freshman world history. It was during his time there that he became interested in agriculture while working with student run YouthCAN organization, an organization that focuses on climate change and sustainability. The group built a rooftop garden, growing herbs, fruits and vegetables for the school cafeteria.

Prior to coming to Worldwatch Bryan was a correspondent for the Boston Globe where he helped cover high school sports. He is excited to join the Nourishing the Planet team and hopes to use his experience in the media and communications department to pursue his goal of speech writing for a member of Congress.

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