Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative to Launch New Blog on January 30

By Kate Rosenberg

The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature (LPFN) Initiative is a collaborative initiative working at the landscape level in over 60 countries, from China to Costa Rica, which aims to promote and scale up successful “ecoagriculture” strategies. Ecoagriculture is rooted in managing the complex dynamics among plants, animals, water, soil, insects, and other micro-fauna to produce crops and livestock in environmentally sustainable ways. LPFN’s overseeing partner is EcoAgriculture Partners, which supports diverse individuals and organizations working at the local, national and international levels to create and sustain ecoagriculture landscapes around the world.

Permaculture Project in Gaborone, Botswana (Photo credit: Bernard Pollack)

On January 30, LFPN will launch its new blog, which will provide perspective and discussion from innovators seeking to advance integrated approaches to agriculture that simultaneously meet goals for food production, ecosystem health, and human well-being. LPFN’s new blog will also serve as a sounding board for discussing how to most effectively scale up these ecologically-oriented agriculture practices.

Around the world, farmers, NGOs, policymakers, businesses, and other players in the global food system are finding ways to make agriculture more ecologically sustainable. Many communities are already practicing ecoagriculture—they’re creating livestock corridors through fields in Benin, silvopastoral systems (combining pasture with increased tree cover) in Nicaragua, and increasing productivity through the introduction of agroforestry trees as an alternative source of timber, fuel, fodder, and food in Kenya.
While many effective and encouraging innovations are taking place, time isn’t on our side—ecosystems around the world are showing signs of distress and climate change is altering agricultural landscapes. Now, more than ever, resources for and communication among practitioners is needed to scale up effective agriculture strategies that are capable of improving food security, protecting ecosystems, and revitalizing local economies.

LPFN is hosting the Nairobi 2012 International Forum in Nairobi, Kenya March 6-9, 2012 at the World Agroforestry Center. The Nairobi conference is the first in a series of ongoing dialogues that will bring innovators together to share ideas, engage in further learning, and create agendas for policy, investment, capacity building, and research, in order to scale up ecoagriculture around the world. LPFN’s blog will help inform dialogue at the Nairobi conference by providing a new resource for practitioners and policymakers to share information, and learn from a global community of practice.

What kinds of practitioner and expert perspective would you like to hear about as discussions on ecoagriculture develop?

Kate Rosenberg is a research intern with Nourishing the Planet.

Read more about LPFN’s work here.

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