Highlights from the Photo Contest

(Photo: Julie Carney from Gardens for Health International)

It’s been two weeks since we asked you to share your original photo submissions of innovative farming activities in sub-Saharan Africa for our upcoming publication, State of the World 2011: Innovations that Nourish the Planet. Your responses are still coming in. We’re excited to start a regular series to share with you some of our favorites so far and encourage you to continue submitting your photos.

Today we are featuring some highlights sent by Julie Carney from Gardens for Health International, an organization in Rwanda that works with communities living with HIV/AIDS, helping them gain access to land, credit, community gardens, seeds and nutritional education in order to improve food security and health.

Please e-mail your submissions to dnierenberg@worldwatch.org. We will include as many as possible in the book, highlighting innovations across Africa that are helping to alleviate hunger and poverty in a sustainable way.

We will review all of your photo submissions, but ideally the resolution should be 300 dpi, so that means the file should be around 2175 pixels by 3000 pixels.

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