Healthy Food Action

Check out the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy‘s new blog, Healthy Food Action, which focuses on the health effects of the food we eat. The blog hopes to mobilize the medical community to speak out against our broken food system.

In a recent post, Healthy Food Action celebrates the voluntary suspension of 3-Nitro sales by Alpharma, a subsidiary of Pfizer specializing in feed additives to reduce diseases in farm animals. 3-Nitro is marketed to prevent “parasitic diseases in animals,” says Healthy Food Action, “but also has been used to induce greater weight gain”. The additive contains “the organic arsenic roxarsone” and given “what we know about this age-old poison, our exposure to all arsenic should be reduced—especially in food,” according to Dr. David Wallinga, author of IATP’s report, Playing Chicken: Avoiding Arsenic in Your Meat. Alpharma’s decision is note-worthy because 3-Nitro is a key component in over 70 of their products. The next step for activists is to pressure the FDA towards a total ban on arsenic-laced additives for animals.

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