Good ideas about ‘Good Food’

By Amanda Stone

Last weekend the State Fair Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin played host to Growing Power’s National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference. The conference was to bring  farmers, educators, politicians, urban planners, chefs, nutritionists, and medical professionals together to share ideas and spark a good food revolution. With 200 speakers flying in from as far as South Africa and the Netherlands, the conference focused on building sustainable communities around food issues and showcased the leadership role that Milwaukee has taken in urban agriculture.

photo credit: Molly Theobald

Some of the more local speakers included Will Allen, CEO and founder of Growing Power, an urban farm and community food center in Milwaukee and world leader on agriculture and food policy, and Judith Palfrey, director of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The conference aimed to cover a variety of topics for its over 1,000 participants such as successful farm-to-school initiatives, renewable energy, how to convert vacant and surplus properties in cities into urban gardens that will produce food year-round.

Amanda Stone is Nourishing the Planet’s Communications Assistant.

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