Festivaletteratura: Nourishing the Planet in Mantova, Italy

From September 5 to 9, the Italian city of Mantova will welcome authors and book-lovers alike for the highly anticipated festival of Festivaletteratura—the festival of literature. Writers from all over the world will host inspiring presentations in historical palaces and squares, inviting attendees to listen and ask questions about topics ranging from particle physics, to philosophic poetry, to international food procurement.

Nourishing the Planet director Danielle Nierenberg will speak alongside Andrea Sagre, professor of agricultural policy at the University of Bologna, about noteworthy innovations in sustainable agriculture. The talk is titled, “A Sustainable Hunger,” and will feature discussion of the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition’s (BCFN) new book, Eating Planet: Challenge for Mankind and the Planet, which examines the effects of individual eating habits on health and the environment.

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