FAO Announces Hunger Just Under 1 Billion

By Abby Massey

(Photo Credit: Bernard Pollack)

The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Food Programme (WFP) released this year’s hunger figures, showing that the number of chronically hungry people has decreased from 1.023 billion in 2009 to 925 million this year. FAO’s Director-General, Jacques Diouf, says that the 98 million drop in hunger is “no cause for complacency” since the numbers still remain high and reaching the first Millennium Development Goal—halving hunger by 2015—will be a struggle. He calls on the world to implement policies that will initiate agricultural development and to look at success stories that can be replicated around the world.

The figure was released in anticipation of the World Food Summit, to be held in New York next week and will be included in of the FAO and WFP’s annual publication, State of Food Insecurity in the World, which will be released this October.

Abby Massey is a research intern with the Nourishing the Planet project.

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