Diet Cokenhagen?

While reading about the going-ons in Copenhagen this weekend, I found great news—Grist reported that two public relations employees of The Coca-Cola Company decided they had had enough selling addictive sugar water to kids and mobilized the public to boycott Coca-Cola, getting several people to pledge not to drink Coke again until the company’s environmental and social record improves.

Well, of course, this was a joke—nothing that good could come out of Copenhagen it seems. But a funny joke at least, brought to us by the very best of jokesters, The Yes Men. First, back in 2002 they pretended to be representatives of the WTO, declaring slavery is indeed the best form of labor for the free market system. Then in 2004, on the 20th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, they pretended to be spokespeople for Dow Chemical and apologized for Bhopal. And now they’ve played a couple of disgruntled PR shills from Coke, admitting their product is depriving people of water access in India. It is, by the way; take a look.

And then take a look at the good times on Grist’s video of The Yes Men in action:

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