Closing the gender gap to end hunger

By Arielle Golden

Take a look at this moving video from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, about the enormous effect we can have on food security by closing the gender gap.

More than half of the agricultural producers worldwide are women. In some countries, they make up over three-quarters of the agricultural workforce. This video calls for women to have equal access to land, education, agricultural training, seeds, water and tools, and technology.

When women have equal rights, they can farm more effectively. This means they can generate more income for their families and contribute to their communities. When they have equal rights, they have decision-making power in the household, giving them a voice and the social tools to effect change in their lives and in their communities. And investing in women’s education is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty.

Watch the full video here.

Arielle Golden is a research intern with the Nourishing the Planet project.

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