Climate Thought:

I just learned about this cool little flash website Climate Thoughts, that shows a globe of interlinked–you’ll never guess–thoughts about climate change.

Take a look at thoughts on climate from around the world

Take a look at thoughts on climate change from around the world

It’s a pretty engaging design and has some interesting ideas, like a suggestion from Paul McCartney to go meatless on Mondays as an easy way to help reduce your personal emissions (and many other proclamations to go completely vegan), to an urging by Al Gore to act quickly, to most recently, my own reminder that climate change won’t be solved unless it’s treated as a symptom of a maladapted cultural system centered on consumerism and growth. Here’s mine:

Averting a Climate Catastrophe Will Take a Cultural Transformation
Even if the strongest resolutions are kept at Copenhagen, the average temperature will increase by 3.5 degrees Celsius by 2100, according to recent modeling by C-ROADS. Alone, even the most aggressive policy and technology changes won’t be enough to avert a climate catastrophe. We will also need to proactively and intentionally retool cultural systems so that it becomes as natural for people to find meaning in how much they’re doing to help heal the Earth and improve society as it is today to find meaning in how much stuff they own. Consumerism and the ecologically-destructive lifestyles it spawns will have to give way to sustainability and ecologically restorative lifestyles. Yet the only way this will happen is by actively harnessing leading societal institutions—namely business, the media, education, governments, traditions and social movements—and using them to redirect cultures toward sustainability. Creating cultures centered on sustainability will not only address climate change, but degradation of other ecological systems, inequality, obesity, and many other social problems. Cultural pioneers wanted!

If you like it, feel free to support it so others might see it (the application seems somewhat limited in that only the newest and most popular thoughts seem to persist, the rest get buried and unfortunately as there is no search function–maybe in Climate Thoughts 2.0?). And while you’re searching the site, don’t forget to write your own!

A final note, the last line I wrote in the thought made me realize that I should add a specific page on the blog to help mobilize “cultural pioneers,” a term I discuss in chapter 1.  Not exactly sure what that page should include yet, but let me know if you have ideas.

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