Changing the Way We Eat: Thinking of Soil as More Than Just “Dirt”

On January 21st, TEDxManhattan featured a series of speakers with backgrounds in food and farming who shared their knowledge and expertise with thousands of audience members watching either in-person from seats at the event or virtually from around the world.

Today, Nourishing the Planet highlights a TEDxManhattan talk by Fred Kirschenmann, who discusses the importance of soil in our food production system.

In his talk, “Soil: From Dirt to Lifeline,” Kirschenmann notes that while we tend to think of soil simply as “dirt,” it is in fact a “vibrant living community” that we should instead learn to value as a precious resource. Our large-scale food production system currently uses many techniques that diminish soil quality and quantity, but Kirschenmann discusses several alternatives that are both more productive and better for the soil and the environment.

Click here to watch Kirschenmann and other TEDxManhattan 2012 speakers.

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