Celebrate World Food Day on October 16th!

By Devon Ericksen

October 16, 2012, is World Food Day and Oxfam invites you to join in the celebration. By hosting a World Food Day dinner, you can become part of the movement that is happening all over America to talk about ways this country can fix its broken food system and make more food available to people who go hungry.

Oxfam invites you to host a World Food Day dinner on October 16 (Photo Credit: Oxfam)

Even though this planet produces enough food to feed everyone, almost one billion people are hungry. This is because about one third of the food produced is wasted between farm and fork, food that could have fed people in need. Bring this issue and others to the table on World Food Day by hosting a dinner discussion. Oxfam will send tons of free materials, from a discussion guide to placemats and recipe ideas. Share photos from your dinner on the World Food Day Instagram site using the hashtag #WFD2012 and join in the celebration.

Want to ensure your World Food Day dinner is sustainable? Follow the Oxfam GROW Method’s five simple strategies for feeding your family equitably and sustainably. These strategies involve saving food, eating only seasonal produce, eating less meat, supporting small farmers, and using smart, energy-efficient cooking methods. Following these strategies helps consumers reduce the impact of their meals. Got a recipe that follows these principles? Oxfam also invites you to share GROW method recipes on the Pinterest Grow Method Cook Book by tagging your pin with #GROWmethod to add it to the book.

Bring the topic of food justice to the table by joining in the global movement. Host a World Food Day Dinner and share your experience!

Devon Ericksen is a media and communications intern with the Nourishing the Planet project.

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