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Uncertain Role of Extractive Reserves in Conservation

During the 1980s, Brazilian rubber tapper Chico Mendes was a prominent activist for the preservation of the Amazon region. He urged his government to set up reserves for rubber tappers and was instrumental in creating various organizations and unions for his peers. In 1988, Mendes was murdered by a rancher intent on logging the … Continue Reading ››

Producing Condoms Sustainably

Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 classic, The Population Bomb, warned of a future of famine, increased global death rates, and environmental degradation. The book spurred worldwide concern over uninhibited population growth, and while many of the book’s somewhat apocalyptic predictions have not yet come to pass, the link between population growth and an (un)sustainable future cannot be … Continue Reading ››

The Role of Open Governance in Sustainable Development

This month, Brazilian headlines showed an uncommon move by a national court in environmental matters.  A Brazilian federal judge stopped the Belo Monte Dam on the grounds that the licenses were invalid given the lack of consultation of the indigenous population. In a subsequent press conference, Judge Souza Predente said, “only in a dictatorial … Continue Reading ››

Using Information and Communications Technology to Create Cohesive, Sustainable Cities

More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and countries such as India and China are in need of hundreds of additional cities to accommodate growing populations. People in many cities suffer from inadequate transportation, sub-standard buildings, lack of sanitation, and poor public safety, highlighting the need for sustainable and livable urban … Continue Reading ››

Valuing Women’s Work in Agriculture

Globally, technological advancements have helped agriculture evolve to keep pace with an expanding human population, with more food being produced than ever before to meet world demand. But a less well-known trend has been the shift toward the “feminization” of agriculture, or the increased involvement of women in food production. Although this trend can empower … Continue Reading ››

Green Jobs on the Rise

Companies that recognize the potential of a green economy are employing skilled workers with knowledge of new design and construction techniques, in order to get ahead of the coming market transitions. Interest in green jobs continues to grow, but without defining, standard-setting, and benchmarking, this will remain a vague term that can be interpreted in … Continue Reading ››