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Indian power sector: Reflecting on the past as we move ahead – Part II

This segment of the blog will focus more on political factors and government reforms that have impacted India’s energy sector since the country’s independence.

Late independence, globalization, and energy reforms.

India attained independence from Great Britain on August 15, 1947. By this time, most of the now developed countries were already several steps ahead in their energy … Continue Reading ››

Net metering program in Costa Rica shows early promise

New policies in Central America are connecting small-scale renewable energy users to the grid—but not in the direction you might expect.

Net metering policies allow owners of small-scale distributed renewable energy systems to feed power produced by their installations back into the grid. Under net metering, utility customers who own such systems can install a bi-directional … Continue Reading ››

The Sea, the Island, and the President: Can the Maldives pull off sustainable prosperity without their climate champion?

Following up on the recent blog I wrote about low-lying island nations, I spent part of last week getting a more direct experience with one of these countries. The United States Institute of Peace welcomed former President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed for a conference on Monday, June 25th in Washington, D.C. … Continue Reading ››

Savvy Financing for Rural Energy in Central America

For national governments and international development agencies, access to energy is considered an integral part of development goals. In line with UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative, which calls for universal access to modern energy services by 2030, every Central American government cites expanding rural energy options as a national … Continue Reading ››