African Land Fertile Ground for Crops and Investors

Danielle Nierenberg, director of Nourishing the Planet, was featured in a National Public Radio piece, “African Land Fertile Ground for Crops and Investors,” on Friday, June 15.

The article discusses the relationship between and future for commercial and small-scale farming in Africa, interviewing representatives from both perspectives. Jes Tarp, CEO of Aslan Global Management, is helping to finance a farm called Rei do Agro in Mozambique with the hope of “building wealth in the community.” On the topic of Rei do Agro, Jake Walters of Mozambique operations for Technoserve, agrees that big companies bring value to farmers because they employ more people. Danielle Nierenberg disagrees with Walters, stating “there are better alternatives” for small farmers than growing a single crop on a mega-farm.

However, Walters and Nierenberg do agree that compromise can exist between support for small farmers and mega-farm operations.

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