Advocating for Rural Development at Rio+20

In an effort to ensure the sustainability and continued development of Kikandwa, a rural community in Uganda, 56-year-old farmer and teacher Kaganga John communicated his concerns this week at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20, in Rio de Janeiro.

Danielle Nierenberg, Kaganga John, and Heather Box (cofounder of the Million Person Project) at the Rio+20 Summit. (Photo credit: Kaganga John)

Kaganga is a Ugandan leader and environmentalist who understands the needs of rural communities in developing nations. To improve the current and future standard of living in his village, he has advocated for reforestation, established a public school, and helped farmers diversify their crops.

“My community [Kikandwa] was lagging behind in terms of infrastructure–the environment was so mismanaged, there was no food, some people were going to bed hungry–so I had to go back and do some contribution so that they can improve on their livelihood. Since the 10 years I have been with them, together they have improved on their livelihood. But we would like other people–national and international–to join us so that we can make even better our community than it is.”

His ultimate goal is to preserve the changes he has made via dialogue with world leaders.

To read more about Kaganga John and his role as a BOLD food fellow, please visit his blog page, watch this video of Kaganga speaking about the Rio+20 summit, or read this Huffington Post article about Kaganga’s efforts.

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