Greek Culture Is Evolving with Prolonged Recession

After five straight years of recession, Greece greets 2013 with an economy set to further contract. Unemployment has increased 13% in the past year, reaching 26%. The largest increase has taken place in the age group 20-24; 55% of people aged between 15 and 24 can’t find work.

Just before these Christmas, the Greek finance minister … Continue Reading ››

Advertising Adapts and Grows, Spreading Consumerism Ever Further

It’s always striking to see how well marketers adapt to changing environments, keeping ahead of consumers’ changing attitudes and behaviors—attitudes they of course help to shape in the first place. As consumers have found ways to avoid and resist traditional forms of advertising (using digital TV recorders and Continue Reading ››

Hunting Musk Oxen and Building High Tunnels in the Arctic

In the words of one Arctic native, “the earth is faster now.” Rapid changes such as melting sea ice, rising temperatures, drying lakes, and melting permafrost threaten Arctic natives’ ways of life, particularly their traditional food systems based on hunting and fishing. Environmental changes may be reinforcing broader cultural and economic shifts in … Continue Reading ››

The Looming Threat of Water Scarcity

Some 1.2 billion people—almost a fifth of the world—live in areas of physical water scarcity, while another 1.6 billion face what can be called economic water shortage. The situation is only expected to worsen as population growth, climate change, investment and management shortfalls, and inefficient use of existing resources restrict the amount of water available to people.