“The Man Who Stopped the Desert”: What Yacouba Did Next

By Devon Ericksen

In the documentary film, “The Man Who Stopped the Desert,” a farmer named Yacouba Sawadogo struggles to maintain his livelihood in the increasingly harsh land of northern Burkina Faso. Part of Africa’s semi-arid Sahel region, Burkina Faso has suffered from desertification as over-farming, overgrazing, and overpopulation resulted in heavy soil erosion … Continue Reading ››

Documentary Sheds New Light on Thriving Community Gardens

By Carol Dreibelbis

There are an estimated 18,000 community gardens in the United States and Canada, according to the group Why Hunger, and thousands more worldwide. Designing Healthy Communities, a project of the nonprofit Media Policy Center, notes that community gardens “can play a significant role in enhancing the physical, … Continue Reading ››

An Interview with Ela R. Bhatt, Founder of the Self Employed Women’s Association in India

In September 2012, Nourishing the Planet’s Carol Dreibelbis spoke with Ela R. Bhatt, founder of the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) in India. SEWA is a national trade union that helps women working in informal sectors, like agriculture or childcare, gain the same rights, securities, and self-reliance as those who are formally employed. … Continue Reading ››

Jamaica’s Electricity Wheeling Program Must Include Solar and Wind Power

Last month, Jamaica’s electricity regulator, the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), released recommendations for the country’s anticipated electricity wheeling program. Electricity wheeling has been proposed in Jamaica as a way to promote distributed power generation, especially from renewable energy sources. Under the proposed wheeling program, a company or individual could generate electricity in … Continue Reading ››