Changing the Way We Eat: Bringing the Backyard to the Bronx

On January 21st, TEDxManhattan featured a series of speakers with backgrounds in food and farming who shared their knowledge and expertise with thousands of audience members watching either in-person at the event or virtually from around the world.

Today, Nourishing the Planet highlights a TEDxManhattan talk by Kerry McLean, who discusses the advantages of the Continue Reading ››

More Governments Show Interest in New Economic Yardsticks

“It’s the economy, stupid,” Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign advisors famously declared. Today, more governments might add nuance: “It’s about well-being.” Prosperity, to be sure, but prosperity with a purpose. Recently, China and the United Kingdom were added to the growing list of governments interested in redefining the very purpose of economies. After adopting and then … Continue Reading ››

Five Urban Garden Programs that are Reaching Inmates and At-Risk Populations

By Emily Gilbert 

In 2008, the Pew Center on the States reported that Vermont, Michigan, Oregon, Connecticut, and Delaware spent more on prisons than higher education, and the ratio of prison to education spending was increasing.  Prisons receive billions of dollars each year in government funding, yet national recidivism rates continue to hover at … Continue Reading ››

LE CINQUIEME « E »: l’Energie deviendra-t-elle une priorité présidentielle en Haïti?

This is the translation of a previous post, “The Fifth “E”: Is Energy Becoming a Presidential Priority in Haiti”. To read the original in English, please click here 

Aux quatre priorités que le président Martelly a identifiées pour son mandat, éducation, emploi, environnement, état de droit, qui composent les quatre « E », s’est ajoutée une cinquième … Continue Reading ››