Tackling Food Insecurity for Kenya’s Unseen Population: An Interview with Dr. Luchetu Likaka

By Emily Gilbert

Name: Luchetu Likaka, PhD

Affiliation: Founder and Executive Director, Centre for Ageing and Rural Development Kenya (CARD-K)

Bio: Dr. Likaka is the founder of the Centre for Ageing and Rural Development (CARD) Kenya. A firm believer in justice, he began advocating for the elderly in 2007, and established CARD-K in 2008 with little funding, but a lot passion and … Continue Reading ››

Farmers embrace new technologies to get healthy banana planting material

By Catherine Njuguna

Catherine Njuguna is the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture‘s  (IITA) Regional Corporate Communications Officer for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Kagimbi Tharcisse, a farmer in eastern Burundi, lifts up the transparent polythene sheet and delicately pulls back some soil to proudly show the tiny banana plantlets growing underneath. Small and delicate, they will … Continue Reading ››