Citywatch: A tale of two levels of government: today’s debt crunches test tomorrow’s city limits

By Wayne Roberts

Citywatch: Whether it’s action or traction in the food world, cities are stepping up to the plate. The world is fast going urban, as are challenges of social, economic and environmental well-being. Citywatch is crucial to Worldwatch. Wayne Roberts, retired manager of the world-renowned Toronto Food Policy Council, has his eye out for the … Continue Reading ››

Nourishing the Planet TV: Turning the School Yard into a Classroom

In this week’s episode, Nourishing the Planet research intern, Graham Salinger, discusses the Farmers of the Future Initiative (FOFI), a three year long program designed by CARE International to implement environmentally sustainable agricultural training in Rwanda’s schools.


To read about agricultural training in Rwanda, see: Innovation of the … Continue Reading ››