Empowering Impoverished Communities with Compatible Technologies

By Matt Styslinger

World agriculture produces more food today than ever before. Since the 1960’s, massive funding has gone to new crop varieties, machinery, pesticides, and fertilizers—dramatically boosting yields in even some of the poorest parts of the world. Unfortunately, we’ve tended to ignore some simple—and inexpensive—tools, including grain stores, crop drying equipment, crates, and refrigeration … Continue Reading ››

TransFarm Africa’s Initiative to Tap into Agricultural Potential

By Matt Styslinger

According to Joe Guinan—director of the TransFarm Africa Initiative at the Aspen Institute—agriculture is the largest contributor to gross domestic product (GDP), national income, and domestic consumption in sub-Saharan Africa. Agriculture is also the region’s biggest source of hard currency, savings, and tax revenues, and the main provider of … Continue Reading ››

Data Challenges in Green Economy and Green Jobs Research in China

In a previous post, we discussed the general challenges posed by China’s statistical system. Despite these challenges, the Chinese government has started making a serious effort to establish a credible data infrastructure. Before such a transparent and reliable statistical system becomes fully functional, any research involving Chinese data will not be easy. This is … Continue Reading ››

Nourishing the Planet TV: Reducing Pest Damage Without Damaging the Environment

In this episode, research intern Janeen Madan discusses how an alternative method of pest and disease prevention called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is helping to reduce farming costs, improve harvest quantity and quality, and increase farmer income, while also protecting the environment.

Video: http://youtu.be/l2tXhSKzxtM

To purchase State of the World 2011: Innovations that Nourish the … Continue Reading ››

Cracking the Nut: Addressing Challenges of Rural and Agricultural Finance

By Dana Drugmand

Addressing obstacles to rural and agricultural finance was the focus of a two-day conference held June 20-21 in Washington D.C. The Cracking the Nut Conference brought together private sector professionals, policymakers, educators, funders, researchers and others working in the rural and agricultural finance sector. The conference included presentations and workshops centered … Continue Reading ››