It’s Time to Focus on the Forgotten Fisheries

By Janeen Madan “While marine fisheries are under increasing scrutiny, those based on river and lake systems rarely engage the international community- an oversight of potentially profound implications,” warned Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), at the launch of a new report entitled Blue Harvest, compiled by UNEP and … Continue Reading ››

Nourishing the Planet at Slow Food Internationals Terra Madre 2010

Worldwatch Senior Researcher and Nourishing the Planet co-Project Director, Danielle Nierenberg, explains the similarities between Terra Madre and Nourishing the Planet. By bringing together food producers from around the world, Terra Madre helps to remind people that food does not just come from packages at the grocery store and that preserving local foods, food … Continue Reading ››

Drought, Pest, Disease and Taste: A Sweet Potato for Every Occasion

“Finding the right taste is very important,” said Dr. Maria Isabel Andrade, Sweet Potato Specialist at the International Potato Center’s office—a Peruvian-based organization working to improve global food security through improved root and tuber varieties and cultivation techniques— in Maputo, Mozambique. “In Ghana, for example, they don’t like their sweet potatoes to be … Continue Reading ››

As Oil Producers Strive to Meet Rising Global Demand, What About Renewables?

At an October 7 Congressional Staff Briefing, panelists discussed a popular question among energy analysts: can oil production meet rising global demand? Participants stressed that the price of oil will necessarily increase as the supply decreases, and that oil security has become an increasing problem for many countries, including the United States. But … Continue Reading ››